This is a series of workshops designed as an innovative tool of common reflection and learning process of managers and HR teams regarding the organisation's HR processes.

The workshops provide the framework for joint discussions between line managers and HR managers on:

·      current managerial practices and areas for improvement

·      concrete mechanisms made available by the organisation to allow the daily management of the employees, for the sake of performance and innovation.

A long-term extension strategy of dynamic exchanges between line managers and HR will also be considered.


The workshops are custom built for each organisation, depending on its context, and consist exclusively of case studies and interactive discussions. The case studies were selected to reflect the environment in the everyday environment of managers and HR and can address issues like disability, gender equality, inter-generational, inter-cultural, sexual orientation, religion ...

The duration of a workshop is 2 hours.


At the end of the workshop managers will have:

·      understood the importance of being attentive to the needs of employees in the decision making process, both in the cohesion and performance of the team, but also in terms of personal development

·    understood that for each stage of the managerial decision, take the time to reflect on its impact on the functioning of the team

·      expressed to their HR managers their expectations regarding the way organisation builds a favorable environment for innovation, creativity and personal development

In their turn, HR managers will have :

·      understood the expectations of line managers

·      communicated on policies and measures put in place by the organisation to facilitate the work of managers.

Project deliverables

At the end of the workshop, Creative Intersections will present to the HR team a summary of the discussions during the workshops and will accompany them in the construction and implementation of an HR process improvement plan.